Krakow has long been renowned for its spectacular bar scene and it certainly deserves such accreditation. Across the city there are a bountiful number of bars worth your time, but here are five of the best:

House of Beers:

My all-time favourite bar in Krakow. It’s got a fantastic selection of beers, all of which are known by the bartenders who are more than happy to recommend you, in English or Polish, the best ones. The decor is great: it’s got the feel of an old-fashioned pub with a hint of modern quirkiness. With a good atmosphere and nice music, it is a must for a few drinks.


This old school bar is reminiscent of Krakow behind the Iron Curtain. Neon signs, political posters and a dark feel to it give it a truly authentic atmosphere. Smoking is allowed which only adds to the authenticity and the drinks are cheap. Whilst you’re there you should try a traditional Mad Dog shot – vodka mixed with raspberry juice and tobasco sauce, made to resemble the Polish flag.


The Polish are famous for their vodka and there is no better place to try this than Wodka. With a virtually unlimited selection of flavoured vodka you can try as many as you want, or get a pallet of 6 for around 35 zloty (price depends on your choices). The service is excellent and they will gladly give you recommendations. As a cosy, more sophisticated place that only serves vodka, it is a place to go for a few drinks in the afternoon as opposed to a boozer to spend the evening.


An absolute must for all nerds out there. With cool decor from Pac-Man, Mario Kart and Game of Thrones, Cybermachina has a very cool aesthetic. The drinks are great and inventively named – I enjoyed an Obi-Wine Kenobi. With the Lord of the Rings soundtrack playing and Xbox’s, arcade games and board games scattered around for all to play, this place appears to tick all boxes. However, the downside for a traveller is that many are in Polish and the Xbox’s have limited games. Whilst a very cool place to be in, perhaps only worth staying for one drink – especially for the non-nerds.


Located in Kazimierz – this quirky bar has cool decor, friendly bar staff and an outdoor seating area. Whilst slightly more expensive, the drinks are fantastic: I’d recommend the Apple Pie Tatanka.

Notable mentions:

Grabbing a drink in the Old Town Square is well worth the money as you can take in the atmosphere of Krakow’s hub whilst enjoying a 1L beer.

Alchemia, and other bars in the Jewish Quarter, are worth the visit especially to hop from one to another. However, they are more expensive than most.

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