There is nothing quite like Edinburgh Fringe. The population of Edinburgh doubles as this great city welcomes the best entertainers from all over the world. For the whole of August, the best city in the world overflows with talent, life and originality: making it an experience like no other. Here are six tips to maximise your Fringe experience:

Get tips and recommendations:

The Fringe is vast and you can only see a fraction of the shows available, therefore asking other visitors what they’ve enjoyed is a great way to decide which acts to see. But don’t just ask about shows; ask about nice bars, cool pop-ups and good restaurants, too. You could even ask a local for advice – no one knows Edinburgh like they do.

Walk the Royal Mile:

This is the centre point of the Fringe: it teems with street performers and show promoters. One of your first ports of call when in Edinburgh should be to walk the length of the mile, from Holyrood Palace to the Castle. Everywhere you look something will be happening – just take it in and enjoy it.

Plan some big shows:

It is good to have a structure to your trip which can be based around bigger, paid shows that are getting positive reviews. The paid shows have a bigger budget so you can expect a grand spectacle, or so you would assume. The worst act I’ve ever seen was a paid show that was merely a solo act in a hot, stuffy room which was neither engaging nor entertaining. Chances are the show will be great but make sure you do your research.

Go to free Fringe:

The free Fringe has some awesome acts that are not to be scoffed at and visiting them should absolutely be part of your trip itinerary. The most interesting performance I’ve ever seen was a Derren Brown-esque thriller by a free Fringer. However, as they do have a lot of overheads (a factor that incentivises them to put on a great show), prepare to tip – usually £5-£10.

Leave spare time:

Free time which allows you to be spontaneous is key. A great thing to do is to go to the ticket office on Princes Street and ask for tickets to the next show. This will keep your acts varied and give you a chance to see something you’d perhaps not normally consider.

Be adventurous:

Fringe doesn’t last forever so just see as much as you can. Be adventurous in what you see – don’t just stick to comedy, branch out and see something different. Just make sure you don’t go home wishing you’d seen more.

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