Wrocław has a fantastic variety of both independent and chain restaurants, I’ve split them into these two categories, as I take you through some of the best – all 100% vegan of course.


The Root:

The Root is so inconspicuous you might miss it – just nestled on a street corner at the edge of the Old Town – but that would be a mistake. They serve all vegan sushi that is made in front of you by friendly staff, who all speak English. You can get 8 bits of sushi, chosen from a variety of flavours, for 16zl (£3.20) which is very affordable, especially when the food is so delicious I’d pay double that. It only has 4 seats inside so be prepared to have to takeaway – a worthwhile sacrifice.


This friendly spot in the Old Town, just 2 streets off the main square, serves great international food. With a selection that ranges from falafel burgers to tofu curries to cake and smoothies, there is something for everyone here. Their top dish is a platter with a mixture of curries and other snacks, it is what they recommend and I’d do the same. You can expect to pay between 15-20zl per meal which, particularly given the location, is good value for money.


For those who want a big food binge, Warzywniak is the place for you. Serving large portions of comfort food – pizza, burgers etc – it’ll serve you well. When in Poland you get accustomed to ordering a burger and receiving just a burger, perhaps with some cabbage if you’re (un)lucky. Not here, this comes out as a big burger, a large portion of chips and onion rings which is a huge bonus. The pizza is also good quality and the average cost of a meal is 20zl – a bargain for such a big quantity of food. This is a heavy meal and sometimes that’s just exactly what you need. Only downside is that it’s a bit out of the way: you’ll find it across the river, by the University.


Nalanda is a different option to the former three as it is more of a café that you’d get brunch or cake at, as opposed to a full meal. It is combined with a bookshop, giving it a funky design and their portions are very large. Again, very reasonably priced – looking at 15-20zl per brunch dish – you can get your moneys worth. If you’ve been on the go for a while and are craving a healthy detox, this is certainly the place. You can find it about a five minute walk from the Old Town Square.



With franchises in all of the major cities, Krowarzywa is a hugely successful and growing vegan burger franchise. Their burgers are healthy, flavoursome and affordable – great if you need a quick burger fix. You’re looking at around 15-20zl per burger with speedy service.


This chain appears in both Krakow and Wrocław, providing a good variety of food. Whilst slightly more expensive than other restaurants, around 20-30zl per meal, it is still cheap and the food they offer is tasty.


A cheap, quick option for vegan food – split into a downstairs buffet and upstairs menu restaurant. Downstairs they pre-cook everything it is plated up for you as you order. As a result of this don’t expect Michelin-star cooking, however it is very efficient and it is on the Old Town Square – meaning the outside tables are great for people watching. The upstairs restaurant serves better food so if you want more of a meal head up there.

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